Gordon Fraser

1 Can Help, PC Problem
Solving & Training Services


Can provide assistance with any or all of the following:



Windows Basics 8/ System Maintenance Basics :

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Outlook

Mail Merge

Mac Basics

Android tablets and phones

iPhone / iPad

Simple Web Design / Internet marketing



Download photos from phone or camera, print and edit, burn to CD / DVD

Download Video, edit and burn to CD / DVD

Audio to PC, to CD, to MP3 player

Vinyl to MP3



Scan Photos for print and web / email suitability Graphic File Formats

Scan text to OCR



Implementation and training in use

Routers, Wired and Wireless



Usage / Choices: Laser, InkJet, DyeSub, Dot Matrix

Stand Alone / All in One / Networked / Wireless



Anti-Virus Strategy

Anti-Malware Strategy

Anti-Ransomware Strategy

Backup Strategy

Spam removal

Spyware removal and prevention strategies



Connection types ADSL/Fibre/Wireless Lan/5G/4G/3G/GPRS/VPN

WWW: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome / Maxthon /Opera

e-Mail Outlook / Google Mail / Webmail / Thunderbird 

Social Media: FaceBook / Twitter / Instagram


Purchase Assistance

Hardware, assistance with specification

Software, assistance with choice based upon needs discussion


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