There has been an increased frequency of Ransomware Attacks recently. STRONG recommendation, back up your computer regularly, do not leave the backup attached all the time, also consider storing a copy of critical files in the Cloud. Unlike other Virus and Malware attacks if you get a Ransomware Attack ALL OF YOUR COMPUTER FILES WILL BE GONE!
Beware of Cold Calls from "Windows Technical Department" or "TalkTalk" or "Microsoft" or "Windows Care" or "Support On Click" or "BT" the names vary, they usually begin by saying they have found a problem with your PC or that it is sending signals to the internet that can be intercepted, these calls are NOT genuine.  Details are to be found in an article from The Guardian Click Here or here is another article on MalwareBytes blog describing the experience Click Here and another article Click Here
I strongly advise against letting people you don't know take control of your computer

Also beware e-mails saying things like "Domain Notification - This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing" this is also a scam, for details Click Here and Here


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Whilst I mention a number of companies products within this website please note that any warranty and performance issues rest with the producers of these products and not with me. I hereby acknowledge all copyright rests with the respective owners and cannot be held  responsible for the performance (or not) of any of these products nor can I guarantee that services available from external websites will continue to be available or will continue to operate as described.  You should always maintain an up to date backup of essential data and never install new software without disabling all running programmes and ensuring that your backup is readable.





















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