Batch Files

REM This copies Data to External drive
REM Make sure External drive is accessible as drive G:
taskkill /IM CompanionLink.exe /T
taskkill /IM "C:\Program Files (x86)\CompanionLink\CompanionLink.exe" /T
call outlook_backup.bat
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Videos\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Videos\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y

xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Documents\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Documents\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Downloads\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Downloads\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Pictures\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Pictures\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Favorites\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Favorites\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Music\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Music\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Desktop\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Desktop\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Google Drive\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Google Drive\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Dropbox\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Dropbox\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Contacts\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Contacts\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\Sticky Notes\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\OneDrive\*.*" "G:\Gordon-Desktop\OneDrive\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\*.*" "e:\i5-new-12-13\Outlook.NK2\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\*.*" "f:\i5-new-12-13\Outlook.NK2\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
XCOPY "C:\Users\Gordon\Documents\Outlook Files\*.*" "e:\i5-new-12-13\Outlook\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y
XCOPY "C:\Users\Gordon\Documents\Outlook Files\*.*" "f:\i5-new-12-13\Outlook\*.*" /d /e /v /c /f /h /y

REM Backup Has Completed

rem pause

for /f "tokens=1* delims=" %%i in ('dir /b "C:\Users\Gordon\Documents\Outlook Files\*.*"') do (if exist "e:\outlook\%%i" copy "e:\outlook\%%i" "e:\outlook\before")

xcopy "C:\Users\Gordon\Documents\Outlook Files\*.*" "e:\outlook\*.*" /s/d/y

rem pause


The Junctions have file attributes = HS
H = Hidden
S = System

In your XCOPY script, you are using the /h switch, which -


/H Copies hidden and system files also.
Remove the /h and XCOPY won't try to copy the Junctions.

Remove from the documents xcopy line

they are not folders.

They are "Junctions" - used by installing apps to redirect to the correct directory -

Volume in drive C is Windows 7 x64
Directory of C:\Users\Default\Documents

07/14/2009 00:08 <DIR> .
07/14/2009 00:08 <DIR> ..
07/14/2009 00:08 <JUNCTION> My Music [C:\Users\Default\Music]
07/14/2009 00:08 <JUNCTION> My Pictures [C:\Users\Default\Pictures]
07/14/2009 00:08 <JUNCTION> My Videos [C:\Users\Default\Videos]
0 File(s) 0 bytes